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Beginner registration is now closed.

Our Spring sessions for Beginners are now well underway. We intend to offer Beginner classes again in September

Lok Hup Wednesdays

We are offering beginner Lok Hup each Wednesday for Continuing members. The class is at Shima Karate School 10:30-noon.

Continuing Members

Annual Membership and Activity fees come due each January 1 - check this page for more information about fees.

Please read further down this page for the registration link.

Interested in our hats or other apparel? Look on our Classes page. We have limited supplies but can order more depending on interest. Check in with an instructor to find out availability.


Ready to sign up as a Continuing Member?

We recommend you have completed our Beginner series and/or have a good knowledge of the 108 movements form of Tai Chi.

Our sign-up form helps you register your 2024 membership with Tai Chi Nanaimo Association online.

Continuing classes take place at various locations on Gabriola, in Nanaimo and Cedar. Continuing members have completed a Beginning Tai Chi class and have a good understanding of the 108 movements of our style of Tai Chi.

Check our class schedule to find a location.


Continuing Tai Chi

Continuing members please use our new on-line registration.

Our Continuing classes are ongoing for folks who have already done our Beginners course and have paid their activity fees.


GULL Be in the splash zone Monday mornings.

Tai Chi year round at Neck Point.

10:00 am-11:30 am


Please note Tai Chi Nanaimo Association strives to be in compliance with public health restrictions of the Province of BC.

Please click the CLASSES tab to look at our class schedules.

Eva Wong is now scheduled for October 5 and 6, 2024, in Nanaimo for Qigong workshop level 1 and 2.

We are accepting requests to pre-register now. Please click this link for information and to pre-register.

Tai Chi Nanaimo..Tai Chi for ALL


A 108 move health-oriented tai chi set forms the core for our programs which we practice and teach through our not-for-profit, volunteer-run organization.
Tai chi is a complete whole-body exercise that can be practiced anywhere, any time, at any age, with no need for special gear or clothing. Our accredited volunteer instructors teach beginners and continuing classes.
After completing one of our Beginner courses folks, if they haven't already done so, can pay the annual activity fee, choose to join continuing classes to improve their Tai Chi and prepare themselves for our other classes.
In other classes we also practice Lok Hup, Tai Chi Sabre, Tai Chi Sword, and Xingyi. All of these, being based on common principles, inform one another. Philippe Gagnon, one of the original students of Moy Lin-Shin, the originator of the forms which we practice, supports us with yearly workshops.

In addition to the above, we have the fortune of being one of the centres on the planet where Dr Eva Wong has chosen to conduct her Daoist Qigong multi level training through yearly workshops. For those who have begun this training, we are able to support their practice with weekly practice sessions.

Membership Information:

Join us at Tai Chi Nanaimo Association. Annual membership and activity fees are listed below.  Activity fees are required in order to attend Continuing classes.  Beginner class fee is a limited session Activity fee.

Our fee structure as of July 8, 2022.

Tai Chi Nanaimo Association (TCNA) reserves the right to cancel a Beginner class if participation is too low or any other circumstance interferes with TCNA's ability to effectively provide a class. In the event a class is cancelled a refund can be provided.

Additional fees for workshops apply, but we try to run our workshops with minimal cost in an effort to provide good value.

Feel free to drop in to any of our classes and speak to one of our instructors. For more information, click here.

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