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Continuing classes are for folks who already know the Beginner 108 move set.

Beginner classes guide students in learning the 108 move set.

Beginners can find more updates on our classes tab.

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GULL Be in the splash zone every Monday morning, year round at Neck Point.
Tai Chi, 10:00 am-11:30 am

About Tai Chi and Tai Chi Nanaimo

Tai Chi is a slow, deliberate, meditative movement sequence (“set”) that affects both mind and body. Tai Chi Nanaimo teaches and practices a 108 move health oriented set developed and refined from its Chinese martial arts heritage. You see a set that appears to be choreographed with a slow graceful motion. Underlying this, however, practitioners are developing and applying their evolving understanding of the dynamics of balance and effective use of muscles and bones, relaxation and mental focus. This Tai Chi develops and maintains bodies that are strong and flexible throughout life.

Tai Chi Nanaimo.... Tai Chi for Everyone.

Tai Chi is not "old people moving slowly". People of all ages can and do practice it. Tai Chi benefits young, middle age and old alike. The practice of this art (and other complementary forms for those who wish) can be a bottomless well of learning. Our association's resources are used to nurture this process.

Tai Chi Nanaimo.... Who are we?

We are a non-religious, not for profit volunteer run association dedicated primarily to the teaching and practice of the 108 move health oriented Tai Chi set. This is a form designed to build and maintain balance, strength and flexibility that many of us have lost through sedentary living or aging.

Tai Chi Nanaimo.... Join Us!?

Learn and practice the 108 move health-oriented Tai Chi set. Explore the full benefits of these moves through careful coaching by our team of volunteer accredited instructors at our weekly classes. Plus take advantage of regular workshops led by highly experienced teachers from outside Nanaimo. Want more? We also teach other “sets” including Lok Hup Ba Fa, Sword and Sabre. Or you may wish to immerse yourself in a multi-level study of Qigong, guided by a lineage carrier of international stature.